The origin

The birth of Apis Flora’s researches coincides with its foundation. Ever since the first test tubes, the company’s Research Laboratory has been crossing barriers: it was the first company to produce and sell propolis extract in Brazil. That, during a time when propolis was considered as a “defect” in honey production and was a product discarded by beekeepers.

With the understanding that the size of a company can’t be a hindering factor to reach excellence, Apis Flora has always believed in the importance of supplying effecttive and safety products, on a sustainable and free from contaminations basis. For that, it has seriously incorporated one if its values: the innovative spirit.


It’s about never stop creating, never stop pursuing, never lose curiosity. It’s about overcoming every barrier in order to reach solutions.

That’s why one can’t be surprised by the recognition of this accomplishment. In a study carried out by Fapesp’s scientific director, Apis Flora is among the companies with most number of scientific studies published in partnerships with universities, with more publications than many multinational giants, such as Microsoft and Sanofi.

A victorious lineage

Scientific research has always been part of Apis Flora’s DNA. In 1985, when the company produced its first propolis extract, it was the start of a research lineage, with highly expressive numbers of publications and studies.

Ever since that year, more than a quarter of a century ago, the Research, Development and Innovation Laboratory has focused its functions in the search for innovative and efficient solutions for propolis use, working in complete harmony with the academic research.

This exceptional dedication has culminated in the development of the exclusive propolis standardized extract, the EPP-AF®. Learn more about this powerful extract here.

A “biome” of excellence

Composed by highly qualified professionals and researches from the most different areas, Apis Flora’s Research Lab is a true “biome” that is in continuous pursuit to develop new and innovative products and solutions.

In addition to innovations for new products based on the creative application of science, technology and expertise, Apis Flora’s Research Lab is responsible for the development of analytical methods and pre-clinical and clinical studies of natural products, specially of the EPP-AF® propolis extract.

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