When you buy an Apis Flora propolis product, you are also buying quality and safety for you and your family. This is our commitment. 

Why is it important to know if the product is genuinely an EPP-AF® propolis extract?

The importance of the presence of the EPP-AF® seal is not only to ensure authenticity. It is also to ensure that the consumer is getting a high quality and safe product, with proved effectiveness.

The EPP-AF®  propolis extract goes through more than 100 quality control analysis, ensuring a product that is free of contaminants, authentic and with the quality that your body needs to enjoy the benefits of the propolis extract.

How to be sure that this is an authentic product?

With the goal of providing consumers with the certainty that he or she is acquiring something authentic, Apis Flora propolis-based products began to contain the EPP-AF® Seal in their packages.

Take some time to observe the product’s package and verify the presence of the EPP-AF® SEAL, then you’ll have ensure that you’ve purchased a genuine product:

Did you know?

Not many people know it, but the inspiration for the creation of the tree, present in the packages of Apis Flora’s propolis-based products, came from a mural of Nabamun’s garden, of a grave in Thebes from 1,400 b.C., which today is found at the British Museum, in London. An honor to the most ancient beekeepers in the world, designed by Apis Flora’s founder, Manoel Tavares.


At Apis Flora, we apply measures that ensure the quality of the end product. But, we go beyond that. The search for continuous quality encompasses every process, and not only the manufacturing one. The rigidity throughout every procedure flow also means that we meet the requisites of the rigorous official inspections and have our products properly certified.

Social and environmental responsibility

The guarantee you are receiving with the EPP-AF® seal goes beyond a safe and efficient product. From its foundation, each decision made at Apis Flora is focused on its vision of doing the right thing for its clients and for the environment. Therefore, we have incorporated social and environmental practices into all our products, in the relationships with the community and with our clients.