How EPP-AF ® works?

EPP-AF®’s secret is not only in its batch-to-batch steady composition, but also in Apis Flora’s superior extraction technology. Decades of study were necessary, combining temperatures, times, speeds, solvent types, pressure, filtration and tailor-made equipment to achieve an extract that delivers all the benefits that propolis can offer.

EPP-AF®’s main raw material is green propolis. Did you know that Artepillin C is an exclusive component of the green propolis, to which researchers attribute great part of its activity? If you didn’t know that, click here and learn more.

Check the graph below for a comparison of Artepillin C’s bioavailability – in an in vitro absorption model – between the traditional propolis extract and the one obtained through EPP-AF®’s exclusive technology.

And what does it mean?

It means that the absorption of Artepillin C, present in EPP-AF® propolis extract, by the intestine, is 300% higher than in the traditional propolis extract, ensuring that the propolis benefits will be better availed by your organism.

And does this apply to all forms of EPP-AF® extract?

Yes. Whether with alcohol, alcohol-free, in oil or powder, capsule or pill, cream or gel, Apis Flora's state-of-the-art technology ensures the preservation of every EPP-AF® compound.

In addition, the development of our EPP-AF® propolis extract powder involves the formation of microparticles that protect Artepillin C and ensure the extract’s stability. Take a look at a picture of the beautiful propolis microparticles took by a sensitive scanning electron microscope.

To learn more about how EPP-AF® was developed, click here.

The EPP-AF® Family

The EPP-AF® Extract you trust can be found in several formulas, according to our different technology platforms. Therefore, you can be certain that you’ll receive the same composition and all the benefits of EPP-AF®, whether in the traditional liquid form or in the non-alcoholic versions, capsules, gel, cream, oil, among others.